the best
always taste bitter

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"Okay……so…i’s this one?"

{/Her friend, Sakura had asked her to pick something up. She described to the teen what it looked like, and gave her the exact amount of currency for it. Good. Cause there was no way in hell she was going to be able to read it or pay for it properly without having a general idea.

But, it was embarrassing.

She felt like a child being sent to the store by a parent. It was pathetic beyond all reasoning. However, Sakura was her friend. She could do it. All it was, was a little green container full of a powder. That was easily found! And there was one left, oh lucky day—

Who the fuck was this asshole and why was he trying to take it from her?}

"Uhh…..sir, do me a solid an’ leggo please.”

Such insolence.

An upper lip curled thin, irate at the fingers grasping for what was rightfully his. For a brief moment, Orochimaru entertained the idea of biting off those slender digits-but why cause unnecessary mess?  Such a scene would only draw unwanted attention. And this girl was quite persistent. Someone so young should know to respect their elders. Golden slits burned dark beneath lids; he would not simply step aside-and she was a fool to believe so.

Despite her verbal prods, Orochimaru stood rooted in his spot. He gave a sharp click of his tongue in threat, and his hand did not move from its looming stance. As though he ever surrounded to playing nice. Silence lingered heavily before Orochimaru’s lips parted, hissing his own form of greeting.

     ”You’re gravely mistaken. This belongs to me. You should let go now.” 



"To sleep, sir. It’s late." 

"Don’t be so old, Iruka. The night is plenty young; it’d be a shame to waste it.”


                            ʜᴏʟʏ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ cannot help you now

              See, I’ve come to B U R N your { ĸιɴɢdoм }down

"It’s quite lonely tonight. Where could everyone have gone? A pity.”


                           [ smile ]
                          and  be  a
                        V I L L A I N

The power in the dorms is on/off and knocked out the wifi. Cue freshmen screaming in the halls.
crybabyanbu asked: "I'm afraid of myself."

"Is this regret, Obito? You should know better than to think I care." 

xntegra asked: Sprays with water.

You decrepit wench. What do you think you’re doing?”

         Looks like a drowned rat tbh.