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       The scion patriarch had spent most of his day in exceedingly and exhausting paperwork, he desperately needed a break from his room, so why not visit a former associate to his diminishing group? The primarily white serpent was a very odd fellow but he was powerful. Such a shame for him to slither away. On the other hand it was just meant to be in the workings of such a depressing world.


       Upon greeting, and soon questioning, the unmasked man stood solo before the snake, glaring him down. "Orochimaru", his voice rumbled across his tongue, "I require your assistance in your, immoral practices. A minor issue really, but one I don’t have nor care to have my time wasted upon."

Immoral practices?” The serpent did not bother to contain his laughter. Such a statement amused him, though he would hardly deny the truth behind it. Golden slits sparked, honing upon the other. Orochimaru gave a flick of his wrist, as though speaking of something simply casual. Should he be honored at such a request-of offed? Despite Obito’s intentions, Orochimaru would take his demands as a compliment-it was expressed trust in his abilities. Something that was difficult to come by these days.

    “And why should I dirty my hands on your behalf? How could I benefit?” 

slug-desu asked: "That bow is becoming on you. Of course, if /I/ were on you, I'd be coming too." ;)

"Would you care to test that theory?"

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The Devil Within
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100 songs that are ridiculously overused in fanvids and fanmixes, yet I love’em still [32/100]

Digital Daggers - The Devil Within
flutemelodies asked: "Please allow me to go on the mission as well, Orochimaru-sama."


Mhm~and why is that? You have yet to prove anything of worth.” 

slug-desu asked: Lifts leg up at him by way of greeting.

Lifts back at ‘chu Tsunade-hime.

    Holla at me gurl.

Just because I’m not replying to our thread, or your starter doesn’t mean I don’t want to roleplay with you. I’m just slow. Somedays I can write a fucking book, somedays I can’t even write my own name. It’s in the drafts I promise I am just slow as hell.

ℂᴜʀɪᴏsɪᴛɪᴇs | ɪʀᴜᴋᴀs

It was more than a curiosity, it was intellectual need. The wires of his mind frayed at the relentless thoughts and theories-how could such a thing be? But why waste time on mental notes when Orochimaru could easily obtain a living sample? A razor-blade smile slit his lips wide; he knew exactly where to collect a specimen so rare in breed. Why it thrived within his very own village-most commonly found near the academy, where it instructed future ninja in customs and technique. An endearing habitat; surely a creature of reason would be willing to participate in a revolutionary student such as this. If not-oh well. Voluntary consent was hardly a requirement.

Hands fisted casually at his sides, Orochimaru set out towards the Academy in search of Iruka. Echolocation had fallen under his latest interest, and a mere sample of blood would do. At least it would satisfy for the moment, so long as further research was not essential. And as a sannin, could the other refuse him? Immoral, perhaps, but Orochimaru would try and assert his power over the man in hopes of getting what he actually wanted-not Iruka’s company but his DNA. Though subtly was key, and he had the patience to slowly crack open answers. The walk was not far, and soon he stood on the Academy’s front lawn-narrowed eyes following the frolicking children. For a brief moment he thought back to his own childhood and the time spent within these walls.

But he was soon shaken from daydreams at the sight of his target. Snaking towards the instructor, Orochimaru padded quietly so as not to draw his immediate attention. The stares of surrounding children were unavoidable, but he had long grown used to the eyes of others. He paused, right behind Iruka, a hand on his hip in a relaxed stance. His free hand gave a cool wave.

      “It would seem that you have your hands quite full~” 

  • [Orochimaru meeting the senju family for the first time]
  • Hashirama: So orochimaru what do you do
  • Orochimaru: I tried to destroy the village you worked so hard to create
  • Hashirama: we all make mistakes
  • Orochimaru: yeah I'm hoping to suceed next time 8)