the best
always taste bitter

tracks: pinzoro

The power in the dorms is on/off and knocked out the wifi. Cue freshmen screaming in the halls.
crybabyanbu asked: "I'm afraid of myself."

"Is this regret, Obito? You should know better than to think I care." 

xntegra asked: Sprays with water.

You decrepit wench. What do you think you’re doing?”

         Looks like a drowned rat tbh.

r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a said:

Sorry, not my preference. e___e

"What a pity; oh well. It’s your face, how brave of you to embrace it.” 

r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a asked: Are you wearing make- up?


"What better way, than to make my eyes pop?”



"And I thought I was perfectly hidden." He wasn’t, a blind turnip could see him when he was swinging that staff around. "I am ultimate and pure, Sternritter L; Pepe Waccabrada~❤"

Is that so? I am Orochimaru." A chuckle rumbled in the base of his throat, and he took a single step forward. "So tell me Pepe Waccabrada, what is it that makes you so ultimate and pure mhmm? I’ve yet to see anything of interest. And with an introduction like that, I’m naturally curious.” 




"Geh geh geh geh."


Well, this is certainly a surprise. And who could you be?”

Anonymous asked: ( hello. thoughts on violent role-plays [i.e. fights]? do you partake in them? )

Though not on Tumblr, I used to roleplay as Fenrir Greyback. I am all for violent roleplays and will tag them accordingly. Thank you for asking! ♥

Anonymous asked: (Dunno if you replied to something like this but do you respond to greeting posts or you only plot?)

No worries, anon. I respond to greeters, though please send a message if I miss it. I never purposefully ignore starters and really appreciate when one is made. Also, feel free to tag me in random stuff. Thank you for asking.